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We are committed to education, research, and community-building for survivors of intimate partner violence, friends, family, communities, and organizations. 

As an organization built by survivors, we understand what it's like to feel misunderstood in your story.  We've experienced the lengths an abuser goes to in order to keep their control, even long after you've left. We get the frustration you feel when you try to explain the abuse but it comes out sounding like nothing. We know what it's like to read and hear the survivor-blaming statements that are still so pervasive in society today. We know how much hard work it takes to "heal" and how most of us have to do it alone, but we refuse to leave people behind.

We take survivor stories seriously.

Our Mission

We are committed to educating our friends, families, and communities about intimate partner violence beyond the myths and statistics, and we share the small but powerful ways in which allies can stand in solidarity with those who are experiencing, or have experienced, abuse.  


Through our outreach and advocacy, we connect survivors to survivors, provide consultations for families of survivors, teach workshops to nonprofits and private sector companies, participate in social justice shows, and use our platform to share survivor stories.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a world where victims and survivors are never, ever blamed for what happened to them and abuse is never tolerated. Everyone can play a role in ending intimate partner violence.

Who We Are

The ZOE Project was founded in 2015, stemming from research she was conducting about the long-term effects of experiencing intimate partner violence and the gaps that exist in domestic violence services. We are an entirely volunteer-led organization working on a small, grassroots level in the hope that we can contribute to the broader fight against domestic violence.

Want to join us?

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